• To enable access for all aspirants of music to the holistic knowledge of Music.

  • To preserve, promote, sustain “Music Learning & Practice” in its purest form adapting to the current times, essentially the younger generation.

  • To create a common platform to bring together the accomplished musicians and the aspirants, facilitating a seamless exchange of ideas, and thus further learning.

  • To create valuable content channelled as thematic modules to help a seeker find and pursue his topic of interest in music.

  • To develop the required infrastructure to promote and support development of rich musical content, thereby archiving different genres of music that can be used for broadcasting, reference studies and research.

  • To design and organise thematic concerts and music projects, bringing together the maestros and aspirants on one common platform, highlighting the true spirit of music as unity and love.

  • To promote diverse transformational aspects of music and its subtle role in nurturing physical and mental health, education and thus social well-being.